• Jo Bisset

Scaffolders versus Rope Access - ding dong!

It almost goes without saying that scaffolders and rope access techs aren't that fond of the other. You know how it goes:

The scaffolders like to complain that rope techs are divas who don't know a hard days work and that at best they are "dopes on a rope".

The rope techs like to complain that scaffolders are knuckle draggers who struggle to get a harness on the right way around.

I get it. A bit of fun rivalry and banter makes the day go by with a smile. Underneath it all, people protect their trade to protect their jobs.

A problem arises when companies do the same. Companies often look to protect their revenues in favour of delivering the best solution for the client. Everyone knows this happens. Its like the worst kept secret in Oil & Gas.

At Velo Tech Systems we actually do believe in offering the best solution for the project. The reason being that we only want successful projects that clearly demonstrate the time and cost savings that V-Deck delivers.

Everyone says they offer the best solution but when scaffolding is proposed nearly every time, we know this isn't the case, right?

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