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Furnace Access Solved

V-Deck Solution to Furnace Access

How do you provide a working platform to the inside of a furnace that is 80m deep, 25m wide and tapered at the base? The work scope involved weld repairs on the heat exchanger piping. It seemed at first that the only solutions for this project were going to be highly expensive and very time consuming. Two outcomes that every client wants to avoid wherever possible.

The V-Deck™ solution for this furnace project is both elegant and highly cost effective. We specified our specialist dyneema ropes which suspended the V-Deck™ which reduced manual handling and costs.

This 4 Deck solution was assembled in 4 days with 5 men by our client. The technical excellence of our client's teams combined with the professional organisation of the company has led to the very impressive delivery of this V-Deck™ solution. A video will shortly be available that shows the impeccable execution of this solution.

If you have an awkward access problem, get in touch. We love to help solve access problems.

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