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Pipe Bridge Access Solved

How do you provide a fast to install suspended work platform on an offshore pipe bridge?

The standard scaffolding solution was very unattractive. The high dead load of the suspended scaffold meant that the scaffold could only be built in small sections on the pipe bridge leading to an inefficiant and broken works programme. This inevitably means an extended programme duration and a high POB requirement. None of this is understandably attractive to an end client.

Instead, the client chose the V-Deck™ which provided a long list of benefits:

* Installation Time Savings

* Installation Cost Savings

* Reduced POB

* Reduced Dead Load

* Reduced Safety Boat Requirement

The fast installation of the V-Deck™ led to significant cost savings in installation time plus reduced the POB requirement.

The reduced imposed dead load of the V-Deck™ meant that as much of the structure could be decked out as required.

The V-Net ™ side containment was installed first to provide full containment meaning that no safety boat cover was required once the V-Net™ had been installed. Another huge cost saving for the end client.

The V-Deck™ was installed very quickly and efficiently by the highly professional teams of the V-Deck™ installation company delivering a top quality solution to their client. Top job guys!

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