• Jo Bisset

How You Can Deliver 76% Time Savings

Updated: May 27, 2019

"Why is V-Deck™ able to deliver these huge time savings?"

It's a very reasonable question and one easily explained. In brief, the V-Deck™ is a simple system to install with a reduced number of lightweight component parts.

Firstly, the system has been designed to be simple to install. This in itself saves so much site time. One quick look at the above installation methodology sequence above shows why the V-Deck™ is so simple and therefore fast to install.

The V-Clamps™ attach to the underside of the structure. V-Chains™ are attached to the V-Clamps™ and latch on to the V-Truss™. The V-Deck™ latch on to the V-Truss™ and bingo you have a suspended work platform. You can then choose to either use scaffold handrails and toeboards for side containment or a V-Net™ side netting.

Secondly, there is less of the V-Deck™ product to move to the work area which saves time. We estimate that on average you

will be moving 75% less volume of product compared to a standard tube and fit suspended scaffold. The more awkward to access your work area is (and most underdeck work areas are awkward to access) the more savings you will make.

Thirdly, the V-Deck™ has been designed with modern strong yet lightweight materials meaning that you are moving less weight to the work area.

Simplicity is our watchword in terms of the end result of the V-Deck™. The complexity is in the design and material specifications of the V-Deck™ which is a subject for another blog. Watch this space.

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