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A World Without Contact Points...not an impossible dream

"Zero contact points? Really??"

These are words I hear from time to time. Contact points are such an accepted feature of our world that a world without contact points seems impossible, right?

Wrong. It is entirely possible when using the V-Deck™ as the above photo testifies.

Contact points are the first point of corrosion on a coated structure. They are the enemy that lets corrosion first breakdown your coating system. Clients spend big bucks coating their assets and yet at the eleventh hour when the suspended scaffold is taken down, hundreds if not thousands of contact points are left. They are then typically poorly coated leaving many gateways wide open to corrosion. When you look at an older structure the pattern of contact points can be seen by the pattern of corrosion appearing.

The costs associated with coating contact points by rope access at the end of a project is disproportionately expensive for the surface area coated. It is also very time consuming, extending the overall project duration considerably. Heaven help you if coating contact points goes into the winter season.

Eradicating contact points is the simplest way to bring about a game changing improvement in your coating. And the simplest way to achieve this is to utilise V-Deck™ and eradicate contact points.

Contact us if you want to free the world of contact points!

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