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Alternative Access?

Alternative Access is a phrase I am not keen on. It sounds a bit like access which is wearing a tie dye t-shirt listening to Nirvana in a puff of patchouli incense. It has a whiff of slightly strange and unknown things that should be avoided. When all it is in reality is access that isn't scaffolding. That doesn't seem too far out, right?

For V-Deck™ we sit between scaffolding and alternative access. V-Deck™ is fully scaffolding compatible, making it a scaffolding add on. However, it is also a fully standalone solution too. We bridge the gap between scaffolding and alternative access. In fact scaffolders probably understand V-Deck™ more quickly than any other group of people. When it comes to moving and laying down equipment, scaffolders are right up there with the best.

So don't be shy, alternative access doesn't have to be worrisome. Come and walk on a V-Deck™, or even better try building a V-Deck™ platform for yourself to see how easy it is.

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