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Here's to the Good Guys!

I started as an IRATA trainer and assessor in 1989 and have gone on to train people from all over the world in rope access, V-Deck™ and V-Deck™ . I have seen a fair few fearty faces - after all people rely on their qualification for their living.

There is often a lot of negative chat about the quality of personnel in rope access and associated areas. I have just come back from a few weeks training personnel overseas in V-Deck™ and I can tell you it was a pleasure to be training. They were all motivated, eager to learn and keen to embrace new ideas.

There are a lot of motivated and experienced people out there. Companies need to keep training their people. Keep feeding them new ideas. Keep hold of the good guys.

I have posted a picture below of a team of guys from 20 years ago, many of whom we first trained as Level 1's and all of whom have gone on to have stellar access careers. Here's to you all!

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